Private label chocolate coated nuts and fruits

chocolate coated nuts,
fruits and crisps

Our recipe Description

  • Extraordinary taste
  • Only natural ingredients 
  • Different organic nuts, fruits or protein crips – hazelnuts, almonds, pecan, macadamia, berries or pea crisps.

contact us to develop your own chocolate coated nuts, fruits and crisps recipe or choose one of our exceptional tastes as a base

VARIOUS tastes

Organic. Vegan. Gluten free & Delicious.

Keto friendly possible.

Addition of nutritional supplements possible. 

Superfoods, MCT and other beauty and healthy supplements.

Let’s create a fabulous product under your private label.

Optional Additives
We can add to each bar following superfood powder: Guarana, CBD, Collagen, Power mushroom extracts (Reishi, Cordyceps, Lion’s mane etc.) and many more

Size and weight
All products can be produced in your required size and weight

Organic or non-organic?
All organic products can be produced as non-organic at a lower price

Shelf life
12 months (from date of manufacture)

Private label chocolate coated almonds
Private label chocolate crisps with nuts
Private label choco coated  peanuts